Providing Excellence in Long Term Care Leadership

Indiana Chapter Mission Statement

ACHCA IN will provide a path to enhanced member professional networks, fostered, educational environments, and positive, public recognition in the industry. We will do this by providing opportunities for meaningful educational and networking venues, professional advocacy, and member Administrator-In-Training (AIT) Q & A’s, through a Pay It Forward mentality. The result of our effort will be strong, efficient, effective and satisfied members.

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State of the Indiana Chapter

As one of the fastest growing Chapters in the past 3 years, Indiana is now seeking to stabilize its existence so that sustainability is secured. We have some of the best members in the country and want to ensure that our purpose and mission are long-lived. With board members and engaged committees, and one member serving on the ACHCA Board, we have a strong foundation. Yet, as we look at other chapters across the nation, we recognize that our job is not yet done.

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