State of the Indiana Chapter

As one of the fastest growing yet stabilized Chapters, Indiana is holding the 6th largest Chapter position in the country. We have one of the most active memberships nationwide with 12 Board Members and 18 engaged committees, and one member serving on the ACHCA Board.

As highlighted in the Chapter Highlights below, this Chapter of engaged professionals is a leading contender among the ACHCA state chapters.

Chapter Highlights

Increased current membership by impressively reaching 142 members as of May, 2017. This is an increase of 112 members since May, 2013 – at which time we had 30 members. (January, 2017 = 132 members for a net gain of 10 members in the last four months.)

In addition to proudly accepting the D3 Conference hosting role for 2017-2019 – Indiana’s 2017 D3 Conference presence is reflective of the Board’s engagement and commitment to the enhancement of the Administrator Profession. Indiana’s attendance has consistently improved, increasing from 18 in 2015 to 43 in 2016 and 46 in 2017.

Through the leadership of the D3 Committee – with the guidance of the Chapter President – attendance increased to the highest level of – 131 vs. 119 in 2016 – vendor support increased to 55 vs. 45 – sponsors increased to 25 vs. 10 – and the greatest net income – approximately $40,000 vs. $27,000.

Membership includes a growing and engaged student/AIT presence and a Membership Development and Retention Committee – with the guidance of Chapter Vice President – to make a sense of connection a reality.

As a result of ongoing efforts of the Student Engagement Committee – with the guidance of the Chapter President – the University of Indianapolis will welcome its inaugural class of MS LTC Admin students in Fall 2017. The University has also agreed to encourage a ACHCA Student Chapter on their campus. In 2016, we successfully launched 2 university-based student chapters – at IUPUI and IPFW – with a full Board of Officers at each university and in 2017 they continue to thrive.

Maintained the only AIT Resource Center in Indiana with all the steps necessary from start to finish, including all relevant links to approved HFA forms.

Facilitated placement of numerous AITs in our award-winning AIT Resource Center.

Increased our state “ACHCA Fellow” count by one as an Executive Board member was awarded that designation.

Awarded the 2017 National Chapter of the Year Award and had one member receive the National Outstanding Member Award. Our Chapter has received eight (8) total National Chapter awards in the last four (4) years!

The Board of Directors have continued to monitor and ensure Chapter longevity by maintaining impeccable financial records – under the guidance of our Treasurer and Audit Committee. The Chapter bank account has netted an increase every year since resurrection.

Next Steps:

In the remainder of 2017 and spring of 2018 our plans include to:

  • Continue to create and implement Chapter infrastructures for the sustainability of the Chapter and manageability of products and services offered.
  • Increase connections with the member base.
  • Offer Green Belt Training in 2017.
  • Send one member to the NELS training.
  • Host 2017 District 3 Conference and increase attendance.
  • Support our member that now serves on the National ACHCA Board of Directors.

On behalf of myself and The Board and Directors of ACHCA Indiana, thanks to all of our members for the continued support and contributions to the Chapter. If you are not currently a member, we invite you to join this award-winning Chapter for Administrators and Associates. Learn more by reaching out to one of our Board or Committee Members or go to and click on the Membership tab.

Success to you,
Vivian Wright-Defrees, MA, MBA, HFA, FACHCA
Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Chapter President